About me...

Currently a senior at Stanford University, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. I am from El Paso, Texas, which lies right on the border of The United States and Mexico. After graduation, I will begin working as a Software Engineer at Fitbit on their Fitstar team.

My interests within computer science were sparked when I started college and currently I have found very strong interests and enjoyment in math applied to computer science. I have taken and loved the following Stanford courses in computer architecture (CS 107), systems (CS 110), computer science probability and math (CS 109, CS 103), web apps (CS 142), algorithms (CS 161), mathematical methods for computer vision, graphics, and robotics (CS 205A), machine learning (CS 229), artificial intelligence (CS 221), computer graphics (CS 148), computer vision (CS 131), and linear dynamical systems (EE 263).

Outside of academics, I have a wide range of other interests. Music is one of my passions; I love listening to music of all genres and ages, and I love live music. I have been fortunate to take music classes at Stanford - music theory (Music 19A) and music cognition (Music 1A). I love playing the guitar, as well as the hardware aspect that goes with electric guitar - as a side project, in the Winter of 2015, I built my own electric guitar at the woodshop of Stanford’s PRL.